In the village of “anglais” Ryazanians cottages offer the technology

In a newly built village “English Horn” Ryazanians offer to buy holiday homes in projects which provide a unique technology called “Growing Home”. It allows you to buy a house, first a minimal configuration, which can then be added to the garage, or weightless for a machine, terrace or fireplace. This was reported by one of the leaders of the project, the Moscow representative of the holding “Miel” Andrew Mezheritskiy.On noted that “English horn” is designed for people of moderate means. By purchasing houses in the village offered the class “comfort” with the value 35, 000 rubles per 1 sq. M. M You can choose from four types of two-storey cottages ranging from 85 to 160 square meters. M houses are sold with full interior with modern materials. A total architectural style of houses allowed a variety of colors, which makes this individualnost. Pri buildings, said Mezherytskyi, each customer receives from 8 to 12 acres of land in podarok. Stroitelstvo cottage is in parallel with the construction of engineering networks. For the first 10 homes that will be in operation in March, paved roads, summed up the water with water from artesian wells, electricity, gas, sewer, and made a collective treatment plant. In addition, in the village built the necessary social infrastructure. Here are your health care provider, preschool, school, shopping center, playgrounds, parks, golf action games and much more, creating convenience and comfort. The close proximity of the reservoir will equip the coastal zone of sandy beach, boat station, entertainment establishments. Make a plan already in god. Andrey Mezherytskyi reminded that the village is located near the highway Ryazan, Tula, which leave at once with four points allow 15 minutes to get to the center of the village goroda. Rabota project was conducted for three years. The total investment amounted to 6 billion rubles. The main idea of this project is to combine all the advantages of suburban and urban housing. The first stage will be built 117 houses, and all plans to build about 760 kottedzhey. Kazhduyu held Saturday in the village study tours. Anyone can come to the territory of the village and get acquainted with the conditions of purchase and accommodation. There is a system of discounts and installments.

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